Kitchen Garden update

It’s been about 7 weeks since we started our Kitchen Garden and I thought now is a good time to give an update on how it’s all going.

23 November
This photo was taken about two weeks ago (23 Nov) and our kitchen garden was looking well. I had also just planted two leeks (top left).
7 Dec 2018
This photo was taken yesterday (7 Dec) and you can see how much the silverbeet is growing and crowding out the spinach leaves.
But something is eating our silverbeet leaves. I started spraying eco oil last week. There are also some interesting spots appear on the leaves that look like eyes.
Maybe this creature? Does anyone know what it is

Meanwhile here is how the front of the house garden is going…

7 Dec Tomatoes
We have two tomato plants growing in the front box as well as one plant at the back box with the succulent plant. Mint is going strong and the parsley (two varieties) are going well.


Strawberries and rosemary
The strawberry plant on the left is not flowering but the one on the right is. The 3rd strawberry plant we transparented has died. The Rosemary is looking good.

Meanwhile back to the kitchen garden box (with the silverbeet, spinach etc) on either size of the box we have a lemon tree and mandarin tree. I’ve been battling the Bronze Orange Bug aka Stink Bug on both trees. My initial focus has been the lemon tree as I am more interested in harvesting lemons than mandarins. I have rid the lemon tree of it so now my attention is on the mandarin tree. Last week when I looked on it there were hundreds and hundreds of them.

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