Korea and China come together in this dish

What dish brings together these two country’s food cuisines in one? Think fermentation and a staple dish for a teenager in the 90s and 2000s. My mum used to regularly cook fried rice and this next recipe takes this classic family meal and adds a twist of flavour from Korea. Yes, it’s Kim Chi Fried Brown Rice! It’s delicious and cost effective and easy to make. You can make it vegetarian as well.

Yes, it’s been a been a couple of weeks since I posted on this blog and I have a few recipes to add.  Last blog post I received some feedback that my commentary was boring. You know me, straight to the point. Let’s get to the cooking and recipe ideas. But I hope my intro proved to my dearest reader that their feedback was taken on board.

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Well Nourished from the wonderful Georgia Harding.  I’ve made a few recipes from her website now…(Lamb, Lentil and Bacon Pot, Meatballs and Kale in Lemony Garlic Broth, Vietnamese Meatball Soup, Healing Bone broth and others).

I have made the Kim Chi Fried Brown Rice several times and it is wonderful. The first time I made it I substituted the broccoli and snow peas for kale and that’s pretty much how I continue to cook it. This makes for a great next day lunch at work too. Enjoy

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