Silverbeet, feta and ricotta pie

Last night’s dinner has been a long time coming and was a wonderful success. The Silverbeet, feta and ricotta pie featured fresh produce from our kitchen garden and home-made ricotta. We picked 15 silverbeet leaves to use for our meal. There was a moment there when I thought it had all gone to waste. Yesterday I discovered that the label on the eco-neem which I … Continue reading Silverbeet, feta and ricotta pie

Home-made ricotta

I’m inspired by new ideas and like to be creative and I was delighted to find a ricotta recipe in the beautiful book Picardy by Marian Somes. Only published this year, Picardy is a ‘richly illustrated memoir of a gardening life and a celebration of all things french’. It’s ‘the story of the 25-year-quest to turn a lush green paddock in Victoria’s Gippsland into an ode to Claude … Continue reading Home-made ricotta