Mascarpone and loganberry chocolate tart

Recently I’ve noticed a berry bush growing near the place I’m living at and on the weekend I picked a bunch of these berries. I thought they were blackberry fruiting couple of months earlier than usual. But my friend Susan tells me they are loganberries. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Food and Nutrition, the loganberry is a cross between a European raspberry and Californian … Continue reading Mascarpone and loganberry chocolate tart

It’s Christmas time

It’s a wonderful time of year to be enjoying lots of lovely food. No doubt you’ve probably attended many Christmas parties already. We are having a quiet Christmas at home in Sydney and we have some loose plans for food (prawns, squid, salad, ham). On Tuesday morning I joined a Christmas breakfast which had fresh croissants, ham and cheese with fresh berries and yoghurt. It … Continue reading It’s Christmas time