Flinders Ranges Photo Essay

In September 2022 we explored southern Flinders Ranges with my brother’s family over 3 nights/4 days. My brother and his family were doing a six week caravan trip from Queensland to Victoria via Broken Hill and South Australia. We showed them a few of the highlights in Broken Hill over the weekend of 10 – 11 September before we left to go to Flinders Ranges.

Rawnsley Park Station

We stayed at the caravan park at Rawnsley Park Station (for a very affordable price, you can choose to stay at the cabin at the Caravan Park for $120 a night). The cabins over look a gully where sheep roamed with the Rawnsley Bluff in the distance. You can buy lamb from the kiosk at the caravan park). We enjoyed dinner over the fire outside our cabins and toasting marshmellows after the boys had gone to bed.

Woolshed Restaurant

On our first night at Rawnsley, we had dinner at Woolshed Restaurant. We had pre-booked our dinner. It was an absolutely spectacular view out to Rawnsley Bluff and Tim and I shared the ‘Head to Toe’ Platter for Two (as did my brother and sister-in-law) which was an assortment of lamb cuts including tongue, backstrack, cutlets, rump and saltbush sausages.

Driving Flinders Ranges Way

On Wednesday it was an overcast day and looked like it could rain so we decided to go for a drive. We drove north along Flinders Ranges Way and then turned onto Brachina Gorge Road to see Brachina Gorge and then through to Bunyeroo Gorge. We stopped at lots of the picturesque sites to take photos.

B following cousin and attempting to climb the gorge walls before being stopped by Uncle Waz and Dad. What is it about boys and rocks? I loved the colours of the rocks on the ground from the Gorge. At Brachina Gorge we also saw lots of rock wallabies. How amazing these wallabies live in rocks.

Razorback Lookout

Arkapena Track

On Thursday we did a self-guided 4WD track at Rawnsley Park Station called Arkapena. We explored the picturesque station tracks, creek-beds, fences and the pristine Chace and ABC Ranges. We stopped for morning tea at a big tree which is known on the map as teh Jim Gehling Camp. Our youngest turned exactly 6 months this day and we had some fun putting him in the hollow of the tree and taking photos. We were 4WDriving for about 4.5 hours.

Wilpena Pound

After we came back from our 4WDrive adventure we had some lunch and then headed out in the afternoon for a short walk around Wilpena Pound.

A Brush with Art

On Friday morning we left to head back home. In the morning I went and had a quick look at the Flinders Ranges A Brush With Art exhibition. We headed north to go to Blinman for lunch at the pub before cutting across a back route to come home to Broken Hill (via a freak storm on the trip.)

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