Australian Survivor Idol Cupcakes

Tonight is the Grand Finale of Australian Survivor All Stars and to celebrate it (and our isolation) I’ve made some dessert inspired by the immunity idol. (Players can use an immunity idol to save themselves or another player at Tribal Council from being voted off). Dave is wearing an immunity idol in picture below! I am a big survivor fan and I’ve watched the last … Continue reading Australian Survivor Idol Cupcakes

The move to Broken Hill and the new ‘normal’

Today marks two weeks since my husband and I arrived in Broken Hill. How much life has changed for our country in the past two weeks because of COVID-19? In that time we’ve seen government announcements begin with banning gatherings of 500 people, than 100 people, closure of non-essential businesses such as clubs, cinemas and gyms, restaurants and cafes restricted to offering take away only, … Continue reading The move to Broken Hill and the new ‘normal’