Mascarpone and loganberry chocolate tart

Recently I’ve noticed a berry bush growing near the place I’m living at and on the weekend I picked a bunch of these berries. I thought they were blackberry fruiting couple of months earlier than usual. But my friend Susan tells me they are loganberries. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Food and Nutrition, the loganberry is a cross between a European raspberry and Californian … Continue reading Mascarpone and loganberry chocolate tart

Making duwali and meeting refugees

For my birthday this year a friend, who lives in the Middle East, ordered a copy of this beautiful book called Tea and Thread: portraits of middle eastern women far from home. I was surprised and touched by her thoughtfulness and when I opened the package in the mail I was captured by the beautiful photographs and women featured in the book. As the title … Continue reading Making duwali and meeting refugees

Lemon Butter: Yummy Yummy

It’s a great time of year to be cooking with lemons when the Meyer and the Lisbon varieties are fruiting. We’ve got lemons ripening on our friends’ tree in Canberra and I’m pretty sure it’s the Meyer variety because it doesn’t have thorns like the Lisbon variety. The Meyer variety is mild in flavour and good for pancakes and juice but lacking in punch for … Continue reading Lemon Butter: Yummy Yummy

Cooking in Marriage 101

Tomorrow, the 14th of April we’ll celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. The last year has been an adventure and it’s been wonderful to cook together. One of the best companions in the kitchen has been Karen Martini’s cookbook Everyday We have still yet to cook everything in this book but we’ve tried a lot. Our top three recipes we’ve cooked from this book are Curry … Continue reading Cooking in Marriage 101