Lamb, Bacon and Lentil Pot

Tim and I enjoy having lamb shanks and last year I made this Lamb, Bacon and Lentil Pot. I’d completely forgotten about the recipe but Tim has been asking me lately to make the ‘lamb shank recipe with bacon one’ again. We recently bought a new slow cooker (Breville’s The Searing Slow Cooker) and so I made it using the slow cooker this time. I have such a heightened sense of smell being pregnant and enjoyed smelling the ingredients cooking in our house. The dogs also win out of a lamb shank recipe as they get to enjoy the bones.

The recipe is from Well Nourished’s Georgia Harding. I’ve made a few of her recipes before. Here’s what you’ll need (plus half a cup of red wine!)


Step 1 is to sear the meat in your slow cooker.


Step 2 is to add all the ingredients.


Step 3 is to cook for 6 hours on high function of slow cooker. (Check your own slow cooker’s instruction manual for a comparable time for 3 hours in the oven).


Enjoy with mashed potato!


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