Date Scones

Earlier this week we had friends plan to come and stay with us. They were on their way back to Canberra and originally they were going to stay with us a couple of nights but because of COVID-19 we all decided it was best if they didn’t stay. Instead we had a short social distanced morning tea as they passed through Broken Hill.

It was just after 9am when I received their call to let us know they were not too far away and I was wondering if there was something I could quickly make. I remembered I had recently flicked through Matt Moran’s Australian Food book and noticed his date scones – they looked good. A quick scan of the ingredients and look in my cupboard confirmed I was A-OK to cook.

The recipe made eight large scones and it was such a treat. I loved the addition of orange zest into the scones. I’ve found an online version of the recipe for you.


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