Crustless plum tart

My husband and I are leaving Canberra and moving to the far west town of Broken Hill in less than 2 weeks time! In these final weeks before we move we’re packing, catching up with friends, saying goodbyes, making last minute purchases and trying to prepare for the move ahead. To add to all the things I’m also 28 weeks pregnant with our first child. I’ve been fortunate and had a good pregnancy so far.

There’s not too much time for cooking (or motivation) at the moment but we had dinner at friends’ place in Gundaroo (north east of Canberra) last weekend and I made this simple crustless plum tart to take along for dessert. I’d found this recipe years ago in the Australian Magazine and had torn it out and stored in a plastic sleeve folder. I just checked the date, it was 6 years ago I found this recipe and I never got around to making it! Good intentions huh!? Plums are in season and after a quick scan of the recipe I thought it was definitely doable.

It was a lovely dessert and everyone seemed to enjoy it! I forgot to actually brush the tart with the apricot or plum jam so it doesn’t have the glossy look.

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