Spiced Plum Paste

IMG_2673The plum tree was full of fruit in late January and I was looking for ideas of what to make with plums (other than plum jam which I have made much of about 2 years ago). I googled plum paste and was delighted to stumble across a recipe from Jo from ‘A Country Experiment’. Jo lives in Boorowa, not far from Canberra, and it’s a place I’ve been too a few times as I have family there.

So I made her recipe a few weeks ago and we enjoyed it with cheese and crackers when we were caravaning last week! I did burn a few of the plums on the bottom of the saucepan so I ended up with less plum paste when it came to adding the sugar. I decided to put the plum paste in muffin cases to make smaller portions which would look nice served. I love it!

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