South Coast Getaway: some foodie spots

On the weekend we had a getaway down to Pambula on the South Coast of New South Wales. It was our first time to Pambula and we enjoyed a few cafes and food spots along the way that I thought I’d share.

Miss Heidi’s Tea House (Cooma)

The quickest route to Pambula from Canberra is south through Cooma and over ‘Brown Mountain’ to Pambula. We were travelling through Cooma on Friday and decided to detour a little bit to visit Miss Heidi’s Tea House which was recommended for its Austrian Pancakes. It was a very windy day in Cooma with winds up to 60 km/h (we heard it ended up snowing later that night) and so we were cold and glad to go inside Hunters Lodge. Tim and I had the banana & canadian maple syrup pancakes with a hot chocolate for lunch and it was delicious. It’s just the sort of comfort food you need when its cold.


Wheeler’s Seafood Restaurant (Pambula) 

We enjoyed seafood at Wheeler’s Seafood Restaurant for lunch on Saturday and it was so good we came back on Sunday. There are lots of oyster farms at Pambula so if you like oysters – I’m not a huge fan – than its your spot and Wheeler’s restaurant promotes its daily oyster tours. We had takeaway on Saturday and had two piece of ling fish battered with chips and crumbed calamari. It was lovely to take it down to Pambula beach to enjoy. The next day we came back and tried their sweet potato chips, battered flat head, lime prawns (Prawns battered and infused with lime juice), crumbed prawn skewers  and calamari again. It was delicious and highly recommend going.

Sunday’s takeaway lunch from Wheeler’s Seafood Restaurant : calamari, battered flat head, lime infused prawns, prawn skewers and sweet potato chips.

Bodalla Dairy Farm (Bodalla) 

On the journey home on Monday we decided to go the long route and head up the Princess Highway and through all the scenic towns on the coast. For lunch we stopped at Bodalla Dairy Shed where it makes cheese, milk and icecream. We ordered two milkshakes for lunch – Tim had the caramel millkshake and I had the butchscotch milkshake – and we went for the salad sandwich. There was no meat salad sandwich but when we asked if they had any fresh meat they were more than happy to put some fresh leg ham on the sandwich. It was a beautiful, nourishing sandwich which was delicious.


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