Beetroot, caraway and goat’s cheese bread

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted and since that time we’ve moved house and city, gone a mini break and now currently living with friends in Canberra. We’re in a stage of transition in life and planning, hoping and saving to buy a house later this year.

I’ve still been cooking and the past couple of months I’ve been making a few bread recipes which need to rise and has proved challenging in Canberra’s cool climate— especially in the autumn/winter. Today’s recipe share is Ottonlenghi’s Beetroot, Caraway and Goat’s cheese bread—a bread that doesn’t need yeast or time to rise which is perfect.  It’s nice and savoury and it has two beetroots in it!

This was my first time to cook this recipe and I used a 25 x 15 cm baking tray rather than a 20 x 10 cm one (you can see my loaf is a lot thinner and flatter than Ottonlenghi’s). I didn’t cook it as long as the recipe (when it said to cover and cook with foil for 40 minutes I cooked it for 20). I couldn’t find any caraway or nigella seeds at the supermarket so I cooked it without them but I have found that Essential Ingredient does sell both items. Are there any other suppliers in Canberra for these seeds?

The recipe is online Beetroot, Caraway and Goat’s Cheese Bread.



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