Pumpkin Lasagne

This week’s recipe share is courteousy of Georgia Harding’s website Well Nourished. A friend had posted a recipe of her’s last year and I have been enjoying trying some of her meals every since (I’ve already told you about the Kimchi Fried Rice I made from her website).

So I’m feeling very conscious about not eating enough vegetables lately, so her Pumpkin Lasange seemed like a perfect solution to up the veggie intake and also make a big meal that was perfect as leftovers and fed Tim when I’m away most of the week.

It was a bit of effort and I staged the process over a couple of days. I cooked and pureed the vegetables for the pumkin layer on the Sunday night, I cooked and pureed the silverbeet layer (still producing lots of silverbeet in the garden – so it was an obvious swap) on the Monday night. I was about to assemble the lasagne on Monday night but realised I didn’t have enough lasagne sheets (I was glad I placed the lasagne sheets in the tray before I started the process to figure out if I had enough sheets for the layers). The recipe does not specify how many lasagne sheets you will need but I needed two packets of Barilla Lasagne sheet to make 5 layers (34 x 25 cm tray). I purchased some extra sheets on Tuesday morning (thankfully my day off) and assembled and popped it in the oven. I left it to cool and it was ready to heat up that night. Tim enjoyed the meal and so it was a success and we were able to eat a lot more vegetables that week! It was a lot of effort and washing up is always a pain but it was a delicious meal and we are keen to try again. IMG_0737IMG_0739


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