Silverbeet, feta and ricotta pie

Last night’s dinner has been a long timeIMG_0185 coming and was a wonderful success. The Silverbeet, feta and ricotta pie featured fresh produce from our kitchen garden and home-made ricotta. We picked 15 silverbeet leaves to use for our meal.

There was a moment there when I thought it had all gone to waste. Yesterday I discovered that the label on the eco-neem which I had been using to spray on the vegetables to stop the pests had said not to use on vegetables and food eating plants. Tim reminded me that we had eaten lettuce from the garden only a week before and were still alive. The recipe directs you to cook the spinach in boiling water so I thought I may as well eat it. I can’t let all the good work and effort go to waste. I got a surprise when I was washing the silverbeet to see a snail sitting in the kitchen sink!

So here is a link to the recipe I used to cook last night’s dinner. Silverbeet, feta and ricotta pie from the Sydney Markets website. Here is the accompanying food photos. I ended up using 500grams of ricotta in the recipe so the ratio of cheese to spinach was greater than the recipe. If you compare my end results with the recipe, I have a lot more cheese in there 🙂 The meal was delicious and I did serve it with tzatziki and lemon.


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