Tim’s Birthday Dinner: Venison Roast

Tim’s Birthday celebration continued for his actual birthday.

A few days before Tim’s birthday he had been visiting his Nan and Pa in Port Macquarie and they gave him a piece of venison as well as some stir-fry pieces as a parting gift. I was on the hunt to find a recipe to cook the leg and found this Spicy Roast Venison Leg from The Deer Industry Association of Australia.

Actually, it was a bit of a team effort to make this roast as we had time constraints. I don’t really like raw meat but Tim convinced me to keep it on the raw side as deer, like kangaroo, gets tougher the more you cook it. Although it says its spicy it was not that spicy a meal. We served the meal with mashed potato, sweet potato and steamed brocollini.

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